I have wanted to write this review for almost 5 months

I have wanted to write this review for almost 5 months. Each time I began to compose something I couldn't put into words the type of person Dr. Michael Wolfe is. Frankly, I find it almost insulting to use the title "doctor" or even "surgeon". Not because he isn't an incredible one, but rather, because of the way he went above and beyond my expectation and experience of what a doctor (or surgeon) is.

-Andrew , Seattle, WA

He is an excellent surgeon. He is thorough, caring and is a strong advocate for patients.

He is an excellent surgeon. He is thorough, caring and is a strong advocate for patients.


Excellent surgeon And person!!!

Dr. Wolfe was patient, kind, caring, funny and informative throughout my time with him. It's scary to get diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but Dr. Wolfe made the whole experience easy for me. He made me feel like I was his only patient from the first visit, to the surgery, to the follow up appointments. He called me back when I had questions, or if lab tests came back, not his assistants!!! That was very important to me. I would recommend him to anyone


Good to great

I was referred to Dr. Michael Wolfe by my doctor for the lump on my right side under my earlobe. After the exam he told me that I have a parotid gland tumor (salivary gland tumor). He explained to me my options and his recommendation was to remove the tumor. I was not happy to hear it but it make sense. Explaining the possibility what could happen during and after the surgery makes me is quite a bit scary for me, but still it make sense to take it out.On the day of my surgery he made sure that everything will be okay and he will do his best to preserve the facial nerves as much as possible and he is expecting that the surgery will last 1.5 hours. When I woke up from recovery they told me that the surgery lasted for more than 3 hours. He preserved the nerves successfully. He checked on me twice within 3 hours after recovery to double check everything.I would say he is not a good surgeon but great surgeon. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. I would grade him 5 star.


Handsome & Caring Otolaryngologist

Dr. Wolfe has a great personality in dealing with Medical issues. The office visit was not rushed and to top it off even drawing me a personal illustration of what was going on. He has a great ability to build rapport with his patients so that you feel like you are going to someone you can trust. Even emailing a detailed write-up to my Family Practice Physician. I'm grateful for Doctor's who have the personality to make it a personable solution to the problem.


personable, friendly

Dr. Wolfe was slightly behind, but did not rush the appointment. Really listened. He explained my problem really well.